The mess that is the Tennessee Titans

The Tennessee Titans were once a team on the rise, they never really got good enough to get over the hump. Now the team is in shambles and once again it is a look at how fast things can go all pear shaped in the world of professional sports. So far here is the situation in Tennessee. Kenny Britt has been hurt, Chris Johnson is holding out, and new QB Matt Hasselbeck is struggling to learn the offense. To be fair it is his first new offense in ten years, but none the less things look pretty bad for the Titans.

I am a little concerned that Titans offensive coordinator Chris Palmer, a UFL reject, has decided to blast his new QB in public. Granted he did say that Matt was making strides. However, is this the story you want to promote about your team’s new 9 million dollar QB? Of course they also have Jake Locker who is also learning the offense. To put it mildly the NFL lockout has dealt a bad hand to the Titans.

Hasselbeck’s struggles really are setting this team back. Since he will likely be the starter they have to get him all the time they can with the first team offense. Of course they have to balance that with getting Locker enough time to learn the offense since he is the future of this team, at least for now. Sure the Lockout has been cruel to the Titans in particular, but all 32 NFL teams are struggling to catch back up.

This is yet another lingering effect of the lockout, and if you think the 2011 season will not be impacted severely by all the missed time, your are either a fool or lying to yourself.