If you thought those droopy-assed blue jeans were stupid wait until you see this

Personally I think the whole idea of any pants, not just blue jeans, that are so loose that you need to use a belt to even hold them up around your ass and the crotch droops to your knees is stupid. No, not stupid. Plain moronic.

Never did I think that clothing makers would come with an even stupider idea but I was wrong, they have.

May I present to you the Glow-In-The-Dark jeans

Yup, you read that right. Naked & Famous have come up with and are marketing glow in the dark jeans, and not just any color glow in the dark but a neon green glow in the dark.

To add even more stupidity the price for these gems – $240. Which you can fork over at Barney’s New York where they are being sold exclusively.

via Geekosystem