October 20, 2017
Neymar Airlifted From Brazil Camp To Continue Recovery, Posts Video For Fans

Neymar was airlifted from Brazil's training camp on Saturday as he continues to recover from the damaged vertabrae he suffered in the 2-1 victory against Colombia. The injured star posted a heartfelt video to thank his loyal supporters for all their get well messages.

The devastating loss of Brazil's biggest star has left the country in mourning, after Neymar was viciously rammed by Colombia defender Juan Zuniga during's Friday quarterfinals. Millions watched in horror as the striker lay on the field in excruciating pain following the hit and was subsequently carried off on a stretcher.

Neynar was transported from Brazil's training camp in Teresopolis -- about an hour from Rio de Janeiro -- and taken to his home in the city of Guaruja, located in the state of in Sao Paulo. Medical staff spent several moments securing the stretcher the player was in. When the chopper was ready to take off, Neymar waved to supporters and pumped his fist in a sign that he is out of the World Cup, but will go on.

Neymar receives support in hospital.
Neymar receives support in hospital.

All of Brazil and millions of football loving fans all over the world were shocked at the images of Neymar being carried off the field, crying in pain. Later on, the stunning news that one of the leading scorers of the 2014 World Cup was out and would be unable to carry on for Brazil in the last two (if they advance to the final) crucial matches, made things even more unbearable.

Doctors ruled out the 22-year-old against Germany on Tuesday's semifinal and said that in order to recover, Neymar will have to spend several weeks with his back immobilized, in effect ending his 2014 World Cup campaign. The star will continue with his treatment at home.

In a heartfelt video, seemingly recorded while still at the hospital he was taken to from the field, an obviously disappointed Neymar thanked his supporters for all the well-wishes. While he sported a smile for the short clip, one couldn't help but notice the swelling in his sad eyes:

Neymar's fans and teammates have taken to social media to show support for their fallen star and even Brazil's president, Dilma Rousseff posted a public letter to express her encouragement to the Barcelona star:

""Your expression of pain on the field yesterday (Friday) hurt my heart and the hearts of every Brazilian. I know that as a Brazilian you never give up, and sooner than expected you will be back filling our souls with happiness and our history with success."

Neymar suffered broken vertebrae.
Neymar suffered broken vertebrae.

It is being reported that if Zuniga had hit Neymar just an inch higher, he may have paralyzed him for life. The Colombian player has offered a public apology to Neymar and the Brazilian people, saying:

"Although I feel the situation was normal in a game, there was no bad intention, malice or negligence on my part. I admire you, respect you and consider you one of the best players in the world. I hope you recover and return quickly."

Neymar teammates show support.
Neymar teammates show support.

Despite Zuniga's words, FIFA will reportedly look into his actions, which resulted in Neymar being ruled out for the remainder of the 2014 World Cup. The incident has left the whole nation enraged and worried about how Brazil will fair against the powerful Germany.

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