Kaley Cuoco Calls Out Paparazzi With Sarcasm-Tinged Caption On Instagram

Kaley Cuoco is having beach fun these days — on vacation in Cabo San Lucas with husband Ryan Sweeting. The combination of sun, wide open space, and a noted celebrity is prime fodder for onlookers and camera-totting journalists. Sure enough, the paparazzi were quick to get some bikini pics of the Big Bang Theory star hanging out with her better half, doing yoga, and otherwise having fun in the sun.

It seems Kaley noticed — and she was quick to scrutinize both the journalists’ photographic skill and the look of her own bikini frame. She gave the paps sarcastic props for their camera work, uploading a split screen shot of pictures originally published in the Daily Mail. The clever caption read:

“Dear paparazzi, TY for managing to capture the best and WORST angles of my a– that’s humanly possible. You make dreams come true.”

Clearly taken the same day, the pictures show a back shot of Kaley and one of from the side. Kaley’s fans were quick to defend her own self-deprecating humor, with comments like: “They’re both pretty great” and “These pics would be my ‘goal’ pics.”

Cuoco is a fan of the Instagram selfie, and she’s uploaded a few of her own photos of her time in Mexico — including a shot of her and friend Amy Davidson doing some yoga poses on the beach. In one photo, Kaley’s arms are deep in the sand as she does a crooked handstand. Kaley also posed lip-locked with Sweeting in an attractive beach shot, back lit by a Cabo sunset, with the caption, “I’m his lobster.”

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the blissful vacation snaps of Kaley and Ryan have done a great deal to debunk rumors of a split. The couple have been noticeably affectionate while enjoying time with friends. As Just Jared notes, it has been only one year since the pair met — and just six months since they tied the knot.

As the Daily Mail reports, although Ryan and Kaley are having some couple time, they are far from alone on the Cabo trip. Joining them are several couples, including Bachelorette alum Ali Fedotowsky, Davidson, and Kaley’s sister Briana, along with their respective male companions. Ashley Jones is also part of the vacationing party.

It is a few short weeks before Kaley Cuoco will be out of vacation mode and back to work on new episodes of The Big Bang Theory. The new season will start Monday, September 22.

[Image: Daily Mail/Clasos.com.mx]