Not Your Average Pet: European Family’s Pet Lion Attacks Houseguest, Footage Goes Viral

When most people think of family pets, a dog or cat comes to mind. However, one European family houses the type of pet most people would only see at a zoo; the European family are proud owners of a pet lion! Their unconventional house pet was so shocking, a documentary was actually filmed chronicling their lives with such a strange house pet.

According to Nine MSN, the lioness actually does live inside their Czech Republic home. The family has had the lion since it was cub. However, it definitely isn’t a cub now. Another astonishing observation is that the massive feline, which normally averages a weight of approximately 278 pounds, appears to roam the house freely.

While most would envision a lion in a wild habitat or caged inside of a zoo, the animal reportedly lives like a house-trained dog or cat. Despite its giant size, the footage also captured the lioness also engaged in playful fun with family members. But, don’t be fooled by the animal’s habitat, because it doesn’t change its natural instincts. The footage also revealed that the lion definitely isn’t a fan of unfamiliar houseguests!

The footage went on to show the giant lioness attacking a house guest, who happened to be apart of the production crew assigned to film the documentary. The animal can be seen relentlessly biting and clenching the man’s arm. The owner can be seen trying fighting to help the man, but to no avail. The lioness then takes things a step further by pinning the man down on the ground.

Luckily, the man was able to crawl away before the attack got any worse. Although he ended up with a number of deep cuts, he walked away relatively unscathed, because things could have been a lot worse!

The shocking video of the footage was uploaded to World Star Hip Hop on Thursday, July 3, and has since gone viral. Now, it can be found on several social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Vine, and, of course, YouTube. Lots of users took to Twitter with their reaction to the footage and the idea of owning a lion as a house-pet.

you won’t lol RT @aiaaron3: Son if I ever walked into a house wit a full grown pet lion or tiger and it attacks me and I survive…

— Clyde Flexler (@lupefiasshole) July 4, 2014

Would you keep a lion as a household pet?

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