Katy Perry Gets Disney Spotlight For July 4 Rest

Katy Perry‘s been so busy these days that even a trip to Disneyland on July 4 was beset by just more work, work, work.

Perry, 29, is in the middle of her neon-bedazzled Prismatic tour in support of her latest album, Prism, and its chart-topping single, “Roar.” After performing in Miami on Friday, Perry and the crew took to Disney World outside Orlando for what Disney’s Gary Buchanan said was “a little R & R“(rest and relaxation) and “M & M” (Mickey and Minnie).

Before heading off to perform in Connecticut on Monday and New York City’s Madison Square Garden on Wednesday, Perry had a chance to explore the amusement park’s six magical worlds, but not without some press time and a video interview.

“I just love kind of the magic Disney brings to your life,” she said in the interview below. “I’m a big dreamer myself and I look up to someone like Walt, and I just love this kind of world he created. On my tour, I create my own world as well, so he’s definitely one of my creative inspirations.”

Katy’s look for the day, topping off her retro dress belted at the waist, was inspired by old Big Ears, too. She had her hair up in two little buns on top of her head. At the top of right cheek: a tiny piece of Mickey Mouse-shaped confetti she found on the seat of the car on the way to the park. “And that’s my look,” she said, as if revealing a mystery of the cosmos.

Here’s a video of Perry strutting her stuff with the mice: