Jennifer Hudson a 'Size 0,' Joy Behar Claims

Pretty often, it seems, celebrities sign on to a big name weight loss plan as a spokesperson, and stun the world with a rapid and dramatic weight loss, ushering in many hopeful customers hoping to see the same "not typical" results.

Just as often, however, it seems the same celebs make tabloid covers and get posted about on gossip sites when they inevitably gain the weight back. (Kirstie Alley got the show Fat Actress out of it, though, so it doesn't always hurt careers.) Former American Idol contestant Jennifer Hudson made headlines when she dropped from a gorgeous size 16 to a still stunning size 6 using the popular and moderate weight loss plan Weight Watchers, though, and doesn't seem to be backsliding at all.

Hudson turned heads as a size 6, but according the The View's Joy Behar, the singer slash actress has continued to slim down, and even after the birth of her son, is a size 0. Behar reports:

"I was in a store shopping, looking for a dress and I suddenly say 'Oh there's somebody I know' and it was Jennifer Hudson and she was shopping and she said 'I know you,... Then I heard the sales girl say to her 'You're a size 0' and I said to Jennifer 'How does that feel?' and she said 'I feel like they're talking to someone else.'"
Hudson's son with David Otunga, David Jr., turns two today. Since her initial dramatic weight loss, the singer says, she feels as if she's lost weight, but gained youthful exuberance, and reports that people ask her if she's "Jennifer Hudson's little sister."

Do you think the singer/actress looks better as a size 0 than she did at 16?