‘Duck Dynasty’: Si Robertson’s Wife Christine Not Healthy Enough To Be On TV

The Duck Dynasty family recently revealed that Si Robertson’s wife Christine is apparently not healthy enough to appear on the popular reality TV show.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, Si Robertson said the Lord God Almighty is directing Duck Dynasty, and Jase Robertson says that “if God can use me, he can use anybody.” Phil Robertson took the stump against President Obama by saying people need to kick that “ungodly bunch” out of the White House. But while politics can create controversy, if you really want to see the sparks fly then see how the family reacts to 11-year-old Lilly Robertson going on her first date with a boy!

As it turns out, not everybody in the Duck Dynasty family wants to have their lives turned upside down so they can be featured on reality TV. After six seasons, 66-year-old Christine Robertson still is not interested, and Si decided to share why this is the case:

“I always told people, ‘She’s got better sense than the rest of us.’ But that ain’t the real reason. Sometimes we film 12 hours a day, and she’s just not healthy enough to go through the rigors of that. But, ah, it ain’t no big deal. She wants no part of it anyway. She’s been married to me for 43 years. The last thing she needs is to watch us on a TV show.”

Although Si loves the fans, especially the ones with long beards, he also claims he does not always enjoy being a celebrity due to the fame of the show:

“Celebrity life is not all it’s cracked up to be! If I had a choice to go somewhere or stay home, I’d stay home. I’m a homebody. Christine’s the same.”

Besides talking about Duck Dynasty, Si also talked about the old days when he and his wife were young and wild. He described himself and Christine as “party animals” and he said they “enjoyed going out and dancing, so we had a good time when we were dating.”

Young Si Robertson And Wife Christine Robertson