Olive Garden possibly exposes hundreds to Hepatitis

Citizens of Fayetteville are rightfully concerned over a hepatitis scare that has broken out in the city in light of an Olive Garden employee testing positive for hepatitis recently.

The affected Olive Garden restaurant serves; or rather served some 800 meals a day but has seen its business tank following the news as people headed to the Cumberland County Health Department to get vaccinated rather than ordering food.

Due to the increased demand the health department began operating on extended hours that saw them vaccinating 500 people on Tuesday.

While some folks have said that this incident has totally ruined their opinion of the restaurant and won’t be returning to it others have been more understanding saying that something like this could happen anywhere.

Fayetteville resident Ricky Evans, 23, said he went to the restaurant for his birthday on July 28 and learned Tuesday morning about the alert.

Evans said he works at a restaurant as well, and he was sent home until he got vaccinated against hepatitis A.

He arrived at the Health Department about 1:30 p.m. and by about 4:30 was still a good distance from the head of the line and hoping he would get through before closing. If not, it could mean more missed work.

“They kind of want me to get it, especially because I work at a restaurant,” Evans said.

via FayObserver