Fallout: New Vegas 'Lonesome Road' DLC delayed

If you were looking forward to playing Fallout: New Vegas' Lonesome Road DLC this month, you're going to have to put a temporary hold on your excitement: Bethesda announced today the DLC has been delayed.

No specific reason was given for the delay, but Fallout: New Vegas senior producer Jason Bergman did state on the Bethesda forums that the reasons behind the delay was "beyond [their] control".

“We just wanted to drop in here and let you know that due to circumstances beyond our control, Lonesome Road won’t be out this month. This isn’t due to any major issue with the code or content, but there are lots of factors involved in releasing these things, and one of those is causing us to slip past our intended release date."

Bethesda wasn't willing to reveal when the new date would be just yet, but they did offer some reassurance by stating they're working to get it out "as quickly as possible".

For what it's worth, Bethesda did release the first screenshot of the DLC, seen above. It doesn't show much, but it's something. We'll have to wait until the DLC nears closer to release to see more - whenever that is.