James Rodriguez Attacked By Gigantic Brazilian Bug During Quarterfinal [Photo]

Colombian forward James Rodriguez was attacked by a gigantic Brazilian bug during the 2014 World Cup quarterfinal on Friday. The moment was captured by photographers that were following the talented player as he prepared to serve a penalty kick.

It was late in the South American clash, with Brazil leading 2-0. In those dying moments, Brazilian goalie, Julio Cesar, charged Colombia as they threatened his net, but in the process got a yellow card along with a penalty call.

As the youngster, James Rodriguez, came to serve the penalty kick and with all eyes on him, not many that were watching live realized the Colombian superstar was being attacked in the box. As a matter of fact he had a very creepy Brazilian bug on his jersey sleeve.

Look at these creepy pictures of the green creature attacking James — as he is called — in the penalty box during the World Cup quarterfinals:

The most amazing thing was that the bug that attacked James Rodriguez seemed to like being there and stayed with him, before, during, and after he kicked the football.

As with any such event, Twitter is the home of some very interesting photos of the bug who attacked James Rodriguez during the loss against Brazil.

We don’t know what would have happened if James Rodriguez noticed he had been attacked by the gigantic, green Brazilian bug. But for the benefit of the 22-year-old star, who entertained us for the past weeks, we can presume he would just have flicked it off his jersey casually. After all, Colombia is also home to some very creepy bugs.

[Image via Twitter]