Newspaper Thefts Blamed On TLC’s ‘Extreme Couponing’ Reality TV Series

Extreme couponing has become a buzz term ever since TLC’s Extreme Couponing debuted in April 2011 but it hasn’t come without it’s consequences, for example some stores have had to revise their coupon policies, while some locations have reported newspaper thefts numbered in the hundreds.

In one case a female in Arkansas was arrested after she allegedly stole 185 Sunday newspapers from outside of a grocery store. Jamie VanSickler, 34, has been accused of stealing the papers from outside of a grocery store before they could be picked up by a newspaper carrier, however she claims the store gave her permission to take their unsold papers.

According to VanSickler’s attorney:

“Mrs. VanSickler is shocked and embarrassed by the whole situation, since she obtained permission from Harps prior to taking any newspapers, and she was just trying to save some money.”

In the meantime some of the worst hit states for newspaper thefts include, Idaho, Texas, Alabama, Florida, California and Arkansas.

If you haven’t had a chance to watch the TLC show, coupon collecting people head to grocery stores where they buy bulk amounts of food for low costs, in some cases taking $1000 shopping tabs down to just a few dollars.

I just have one problem with Extreme Couponing and it’s not the theft of Sunday papers, I just don’t understand why buying 27 bottles of mustard is seen as a good idea, no one needs that much mustard and most of the foods bought on the show are unhealthy processed products that should be avoided when possible which is evident by the number of obese people who appear on the show to demonstrate their “couponing skills.”