Maryland Woman Missing In Aruba, American Suspect Being Questioned

A Maryland woman who was visiting the same Aruba resort town where Natalee Holloway went missing six years ago has disappeared.

Four days after Robyn Gardner, 35, went missing police have arrested Gary Giordan, a suspect in the case who also happens to be the first person to report Gardner missing after the two went snorkeling together.

According to Giordan, when he returned to shore he realized she was no longer with him, however he has changed his initial story various times since making that claim.

When asked about Gary, who is also from Maryland, Robyn’s boyfriend Michael Forester says he didn’t know she was going to Aruba with a male friend, she revealed that fact once she arrived in the country.

In an attempt to learn more about her last days and hours of known locations police are examining her iPad and they have sent her BlackBerry to Belgium where it will be looked over by Smartphone experts in the field of criminology.

No signs of foul play have been discovered at this time and Aruba police do not suspect anyone from their country, while they are refusing to release further information about their ongoing investigation at this time.

This newest missing persons story comes with a warning, remember to travel in groups when you’re in foreign countries and always let people know where you plan to travel and at what times so they have an active timeline of your activities in case that information is needed at another time.