New 'Doctor Who' To Face Some Old Enemies [Spoilers]

Fans have already been treated to glimpses of the 12th Doctor in the lead up to Doctor Who's Series 8 premiere, but with a new teaser released by the BBC, Whovians are starting to get an idea of which enemies Peter Capaldi will face off against in his first season as a Time Lord.

The teaser trailer, titled "I see into your soul, Doctor," shows Capaldi as the Doctor, jolted by electricity at the TARDIS console as he holds a phone in his hand. The Doctor's twin Time Lord hearts become visible as a familiar, electronic voice taunts him, claiming that it can see "beauty, divinity, hatred," in the Doctor's soul. The processed voice raises to a crescendo on the last word, the purview of the Time Lord's oldest nemesis, the Daleks.

But which Dalek is speaking to the Doctor in the short, 15 second clip? Io9 speculates that it could be any number of antagonists from the prior series of Doctor Who. It could be the voice of Davros, the creator of the Daleks, who last faced the Doctor in his tenth incarnation, or it could be the voice of the Dalek emperor, whom the Ninth Doctor vanquished before regenerating.

Early in the new season, Capaldi's 12th Doctor will be facing off against some very familiar enemies.
Set photos reveal that Capaldi's 12th Doctor will be facing off against some very familiar enemies.

Set photos reveal, however, that the Daleks aren't the only old enemy that Capaldi's 12th Doctor will face early in Series 8. The Mirror reports that the streets of Cardiff were overrun with the Doctor's old robotic foes, the Cybermen, as Capaldi fought alongside actress Jemma Redgrave, better known to fans as Kate Lethbridge-Stewart, to combat the cybernetic menace. Actress Michelle Gomez was also pictured on set, as it was revealed that she will take on the role of the Gatekeeper of the Netherverse in the new series of Doctor Who.

Fans don't have long to wait before enjoying the 12th Doctor's adventures. As The Inquisitr previously reported, the new series of Doctor Who will begin airing on BBC America on August 23, with the first episode entitled "Deep Breath." Series 7 regular Jenna Coleman will be returning as Clara Oswald, and will be joined as the Doctor's companion by Samuel Anderson, who plays Danny, one of Clara's fellow teachers.

As for that mechanical voice tormenting the Doctor, it could even be the Prime Minister of the Parliament of the Daleks, if he's managed to get beyond the first question: Doctor Who?

[Image via RPF and The Mirror]