Viral Photo Catches These Two Texas Cops In The Act — Of Human Kindness. Awesomeness Ensues

The news, unfortunately, is too often filled with stories of police officers doing terrible things. So when a story like this one out of Victoria, Texas, comes along, it provides a welcome reminder that most police want to help. And that some officers will go above and beyond the call to show their fellow citizens a little kindness.

We don’t hear about most of these “good cop” stories mostly because the officers who carry out these acts of kindness seek no recognition for their deeds. They act from their hearts, not from a desire for publicity or a pat on the back.

We’re hearing about this story only because a woman happened to be standing behind these two officers in line at a grocery store checkout counter.

Rebecca Vasquez noticed that these two police officers in their full uniforms were standing in line with a full basket of groceries like any other pair of shoppers. The sight struck her, well, a little unusual.

“It just seemed a little odd just that they were in full uniform and everything,” said Vasquez.

So the woman asked the two officers what was going on.

The two officers turned out to be Senior Officer Bryan Knief and Cadet Officer Anthony Vacarro. The story they told Vasquez was a simple, but touching one. They received a call to a home in Victoria that weekend. When they got there, they found a hungry family right in the middle of this East Texas city of 63,000, just 30 miles inland from the Gulf of Mexico.

So what did the two officers do? They opened up their wallets, headed to the grocery store, and bought a basket full of food. That’s where Vasquez ran into them.


Their next stop: bring the food to the hungry family.

“They actually told me that they were going to be donating the entire basket to a family in need,” said Vasquez. “I just thought it was awesome.”

So she asked the awesome cops if she could take their picture. They were agreeable, so she did. When she posted the picture on Facebook, the response was overwhelming. But Vasquez says that’s not what Officers Knief and Vaccaro ever wanted.

“They just felt the need that they needed to in the kindness of their hearts to go and buy this family food and I just thought it was awesome,” Vasquez said. “Of course they didn’t do anything like this to get recognized or to be seen. I just happen asked them if it was okay if I put their picture up and now people know that there’s good people in Victoria.”