Tori Spelling Offers To Be Shannen Doherty’s Wedding Coordinator

Two decades after they appeared together on the then-massively successfully teen drama Beverly Hills 90210, current reality show star Tori Spelling has offered to plan fellow castmate Shannen Doherty’s upcoming nuptials.

Doherty, 40, left the show abruptly after a few seasons and was written off by Spelling’s dad, TV mogul Aaron Spelling. But the 38-year-old star of Tori Dean: sTORIbook Wedding doesn’t harbor any ill-will against the 90’s bad girl- even after the pair “publicly feuded” over details disclosed by Spelling in her 2008 memoir, somewhat predictably titled sTori Telling.

Spelling admits the Shannen she knows could have grown and changed in the intervening two decades since Beverly Hills 90210′s heyday. In a recent interview, Spelling said:

“I’ll do the wedding… People’s tastes change. I could probably comment on the wedding she’d want 20 years ago, but that wouldn’t make any sense. She has great taste, I know that.”

Spelling, who is currently seven months pregnant with her third child, says that while her dad gave her the ultimate career kickstart by placing her on the show back in the day, she works her ass off to stay in the spotlight. Of her Oxygen show and wedding planning biz, she effuses:

“I would love to do more than just weddings,” the actress says. “I just want to keep building this little empire, this little train that could. I feel like I’m up this little hill, just keep going — chugging along.”

As you may know, Tori is married to 44-year-old Dean McDermott, with whom she has detailed much of her life via the medium of reality TV. And he can join in the wedding planning festivities, she says- adding that he is currently in culinary school and always wanted to be a chef.