Guy Who Replaced Katt Williams On Stage Says “Audience Wasn’t Feeling Him”

Katt Williams hadn’t been on a comedy stage in two years when he took to the stage at The Improve in Ontario, Canada and apparently his rusty delivery which lacked his normal hyper pace upset audience members to the point where he was forced to leave the stage.

It was first reported that Katt Williams became belligerent towards his audience when they weren’t laughing at his jokes and he was eventually asked to leave the stage rather than continue his rampage against show attendees.

Maronzio Vance, the comedian who replaced Williams on the stage after he left and police were eventually called says that the scene didn’t unfold as reports first stated.

According to Vance:

“He was mellow, he was chill. He hadn’t been on stage in two years.”

He went on to say that while Katt was upset he didn’t get to finish his show, he didn’t act in a manner that warranted the police, although he does admit that Williams should have left the venue when police were on their way.

Apparently performing comedy isn’t like riding a bike, at least not this past Saturday night when Katt apparently forgot how to do it.

If you’re unfamiliar with Katt Williams and his work, apart from various comedy show appearances he has had roles in Friday After Next (Move), My Wife and Kids (TV), Norbit (Movie) and The Boondocks (TV) among various other bit parts. He currently resides in Los Angeles, California where he works both in front of and behind the camera.