You Won't Believe What Joan Rivers Said About Barack and Michelle Obama [Video]

Robert Jonathan

Joan Rivers' controversial sense of humor may have landed her in hot water yet again, this time for comments about the president and the first lady.

As the comedienne showed up at a bookstore as part of her promotional tour for Diary of a Mad Diva in New York City on Tuesday, Rivers was asked by a reporter if the country will ever have a gay president. See embed below.

Answered Rivers, 81: "We already have it with Obama, so let's just calm down."

Added Rivers, "You know Michelle is a tranny... a transgender. We all know."

Responding to the Joan Rivers Obama comments, The Advocate observed that "Conservatives have long made jokes insinuating that the First Lady is actually a transgender woman, but it's not often that a liberal-minded comedian -- let alone one who credits much of her success to her devoted LGBT fan base -- make this type of uninspired joke. Similarly, liberal individuals have often joked that Ann Coulter is transgender. These types of 'jokes' are designed to suggest that being trans is something to be ashamed of."

As the reporter in the video alluded to, Rivers made headlines this week by officiating at an impromptu gay wedding. She reportedly is an ordained minister in the Universal Life Church. Rivers quipped on the video that she even performs such ceremonies for free.

The Fashion Police host has also previously made tasteless comments about Lindsay Lohan's miscarriage and made fun of Ariel Castro's Cleveland kidnapping victims. In addition, she apparently has something of a feud going with actress Kristen Stewart, which may result in Stewart filing a lawsuit over unfriendly things contained in River's book. Rivers has shown no tendency thus far to apologize for her freewheeling sense of humor, if you call it that.

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Performed a gay wedding at my book signing of DIARY OF A MAD DIVA. How great was that?!? (Photo by Michael Sherer)

— Joan Rivers (@Joan_Rivers) July 1, 2014