Marci Ladakakos Sues Jail Over Strip Search Procedures

A woman named Marci Ladakakos says she was unfairly strip-searched at a Maine jail — and now, she’s suing the county as a result.

Marci Ladakakos’ Strip Search Story

Marci Ladakakos claims guards forced her to disrobe and shower in front of groups of men, both guards and jail workers, during her stay at the Cumberland County Jail last summer. Her lawsuit, which claims a violation of civil rights, has now been transferred to federal court, the Portland Press Herald reports.

The county denies Ladakakos’ claims, saying she was on suicide watch and that no sort of “gawking, parade type of thing” could have happened. Only a female guard strip-searched her and monitored her, after which she remained in an isolated cell, officials tell the paper. They also say the jail’s showers have “opaque” curtains that would prevent anyone from seeing through them while someone was inside.

Marci Ladakakos had been jailed for failure to appear in court over five theft-related charges, the Herald indicates.

Past Strip Search Lawsuits

Two other Maine counties have seen jail strip search lawsuits surface in past years. Both resulted in the county paying around $3 million to hundreds of one-time inmates as part of a class-action lawsuit settlement.