[London Riots] Journalists and photojournalists latest targets of violence – Video

For the past few days hell has come to London Town with what seems like unending violence radiating outward to other English towns. Everyone from the rich to the poor are targets for what first started out as a protest against the death of a teenage at the hands of the police, but has now spread well beyond that.

Shops, businesses, and homes are being set on fire as well as senseless violence against innocent citizens being committed by what amounts to simple mindless thugs.

With reports of citizens fighting back via the Internet where the pictures of the people committing this violence are being posted for people to identify and pass on to the police it is no wonder that anyone with a camera is a target for violence.

At the forefront of this are the great number of journalist and photojournalists documenting this horrendous event that is tearing the country apart. We are hearing of increasing number of these journalists and photojournalists being purposefully targeted to the point some are even wearing helmets and bulletproof jackets.