Jose Canseco Faces Restraining Order Filed by Former Girlfriend

Former MLB slugger Jose Canseco has received a temporary restraining order from his ex-girlfriend, Leila Shennib, according to RadarOnline.

Shennib, a bikini and fitness model who dated Canseco within the last year, filed the TRO against him in the Los Angeles Superior Court on July 21st, after Jose reportedly began posting derogatory tweets about her on his Twitter account.

“I broke up with him six months ago and he’s been harassing me and threatening me ever since,” Shennib told RadarOnline, adding, “One day he’s proposing to me and sending me flowers and teddy bears, and the next day he’s slamming me on Twitter, putting my phone number up there and saying hurtful things.”
Although she wouldn't go into details, Shennib told the NY Daily that Canseco's harassment of her is extensive, going far beyond the hurtful tweets.
“I just can’t take his torture anymore. He’s so manipulative,” she said.
A court hearing is scheduled for this Thursday (August 11th) to determine whether or not a permanent restraining order will be granted, however it is unknown if Canseco will show up.

If he doesn't, Shennib's attorney, Alexander Petale, revealed that he will most likely pursue a "defamation action" against him.

"Mr. Canseco has to learn to conform his conduct, and he has to learn to respect the privacy of my client," said Petale. "If he doesn't learn, the law will teach him. The temporary restraining order protects my client's personal safety."
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