Homeless Women Rescue Dog Tossed Into A Phoenix Dog Park

In yet another addition to the ever increasing number of animal abuse cases we have been hearing of late, four dogs were tossed over a six foot fence by into a dog park by unknown people late on Monday night. According to AZFamily.com, it was initially reported that the four dogs were thrown in to the dog park near 21st Avenue, south of Glendale Park, from a moving vehicle at around 10 pm local time. Eyewitness accounts, however,say that two people, presumed to be in their teens, actually did get out of their car to toss the dogs over.

The animals who were at the receiving end of this inhuman act were three puppies - a few months old and one female dog, estimated to be around 2-3 years old. Luckily for the dogs, there were a few kind hearted people near the park who ensured that they weren't left alone. An individual later identified as Gil Flores took the three puppies to the Arizona Humane Society, where they have been placed under foster care.

Flores was at the time unaware that there was another dog too that needed help. However, the other dog was spotted by two homeless women who in an extreme act of kindness, actually stayed with the injured dog all night and tended to it – bringing it water and food as and when required. One of the homeless women was identified as Tanya Taylor, who said she alerted a citizen the next day about the abuse - who in turn contacted the police. Figuring out that the dog needed treatment and that she would not be able to afford it, she sought the help of the Arizona Humane Society who is treating this dog as well now.

According to Bretta Nelson of the Arizona Humane Society, one of the puppies is a Chihuahua/MinPin mix which is recovering at the local Animal Hospital. The other two are Cairn Terrier mix puppies who have been named named Amelia and Adelaide. These two are believed to be around six months old. The Min Pin has been named Gieuseppe, according to the rescue. Two of the puppies seem to facing some kind of a skin infection as well. The dog rescued by Tanya Taylor has a fractured leg and is being tended to as well. Tanya has said that she did get attached to the dog overnight.

Meanwhile, police are on the lookout for the suspects who have been described as two teenagers driving a tan Honda Civic or Accord, traveling southbound. In case you know about their whereabouts, you may contact the Phoenix Police Department Crime Stop at 602-262-6151 or Silent Witness at 480-WITNESS.

[Image Via City of Phoenix Police Department]