Skyler Page Fired from Cartoon Network After Sexual Assault Allegations

Skyler Page, the creator of Cartoon Network’s Clarence has been fired after being accused of sexual assault. Cartoonbrew was the first to break the story, revealing a series of tweets from the alleged victim, Emily Partridge. Other artists who have worked with Page also tweeted in response, most of it indemnifying Page as a serial sexual groper with mental issues.

Patrick Harpin, Skyler Page’s classmate at CalArts, and head writer for Clarence issued a statement via his Tumblr decrying Page’s antics and worked to separate Page from the hit Cartoon Network show. In his statement, Harpin called out his former boss.

I was Head of Story on “Clarence” from the beginning.

Obviously Skyler Page sexually assaulted a female artist at CN. Skyler’s a piece of s___, and CN should give him the boot. Emily Partridge is one bad-a__ chick for standing up to a guy who a lot of people wanted to cover up for. Skyler’s a__hole behavior (though not yet sexual assault) was the main reason I quit the show more than a year ago.

I can’t imagine how fans of the show are feeling right now. But the reason you like Clarence, in spite of it’s creator, is because the “creator” had very little to do with the show. Despite what it says in the credits, Skyler never wrote a single episode of Clarence. It was created by the writers (me and Spencer Rothbell) and the talented board artists (people like Charlie Gavin, Derek & Diana). We took Skyler’s idea of “a fat dumb kid” and made a character out of it. Skyler mostly “kept the couch from floating away”, and read whatever lines we gave him. There’s been enough victims of Skyler Page, don’t punish the talented crew that actually raised Clarence.

Skyler Page, who worked with Pendleton Ward on Adventure Time with Finn and Jake as a board artist, got his chance to create his own property in December of 2013 with “Clarence,” following the footsteps of Ward, Thuroup Van Orman, creator of The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack, and J.G. Quintel, the creator of The Regular Show.

Cartoon Network, which is based in Burbank, California, was quick to respond to the allegations and Page was removed from company. In a request for comment by TheWrap, the network simply stated:

“Skyler Page is no longer an employee at Cartoon Network Studios.”

Page was also the voice of the titular character on Clarence and there has been no word if the show will be re-cast or outright cancelled. Page has not been arrested for the assault and no charges have been formally filed.

[Image courtesy of Cartoon Network, and the subset image courtesy of Cartoonbrew]