GameFly enters digital PC market with ‘Unlimited PC Play’ this holiday

Console gamers have been enjoying the Netflix of consoles, GameFly, for several years now, but PC Gamers have been left out of all of the fun – until now.

Earlier this morning, GameFly announced they’ll be launching an all-new digital client later this year, offering up a wide selection of digital PC titles. In addition to that, and perhaps more appealing, GameFly is also launching a new “Unlimited PC Play” service.

As the name suggests, the service will allow for subscribers to play any game they want for as long as they want, all for no extra charge outside of the subscription fee. To start, the service will feature roughly 100 games, with the library expanding over time.

“We’re talking to all publishers about participating. Several have been signed, but we’re not announcing at this time,” GamFly co-founder Sean Spector told Joystiq. “In the ‘Unlimited PC Play’ portion for GameFly subscribers, we expect to have over a hundred titles available for the beta launch, but we’ll be adding to the list constantly and should have hundreds at the time of our holiday launch.”

So when is this expected to start, you ask? Well, the official release isn’t expected to launch until sometime around this holiday season, but a closed beta for the client will kick off next month on September 8. If you’re interested in trying out for the beta, head to this link.

Image and report credit: Joystiq.