Rachel Lust Will Have You Mesmerized With Her Groovy Hula Hoop Dancing

It’s true that Youtube has become a launching pad for some of the most popular and interesting videos on the internet. Epic Rap Battles of History started out as a fun project in an apartment and is now the most popular channel on the website. The Numberphile taught us how to cut cakes scientifically. Finally, companies, such as Always and Pantene, have used it as a launching point to specify the individual strength women have.

Now another video is starting to get some recognition and you won’t believe what it is: hula hooping. How can a kid’s activity from the 80s and 90s be popular on Youtube all of a sudden? It is thanks to Rachel Lust on her hula hooping skills, which I personally think looks more like dancing, and I mean good dancing, not like fat kid with a light saber. Anyways, the video is titled “Groove” and was uploaded on Rachel Lust’s official Youtube channel on June 23, 2014. It is starting to get more and more recognition though it be slow, but at least it is sure. At this moment, she has over 600,000 unique views. Her numbers probably jumped thanks to Youtube Nation promoting her on their channel too.

From what her bio says, Rachel Lust started hooping around 2011. More information was given during her television debut appearance on the Queen Latifah Show, by an article by Hooping.org, in which she is a working mom from Ohio. she learned all of her moves from Youtube tutorial videos and hours and hours of practice. Nevertheless, Rachel’s dedication to her craft was worth it as she was able to win a Worldwide Online Hula Hoop Contest. Also, it helps that her exposure on a prominent talk show helped her popularity too.

Though Rachel Lust has been hula hooping for the past three years, her video – which we have attached in this article – is what’s getting a lot of attention. Maybe it’s the music she dances to, which is the song Groove by Oiki and how it matches well with her moves. Or maybe it’s the “Iron Man” workout tights she is wearing. Whatever the formula is, it is getting a lot of attention and is making a lot of other people try out hooping. Maybe the next hula hoop star will rise from watching this video!

[Image via Rachel Lust’s Groove Video]