Farmer In Yorkshire ‘Dresses’ His Sheep In Tour de France ‘Jerseys’, Skirting Animal Cruelty?

Tour de France is approaching quickly. It is one of the most prestigious and grueling cycling events in the world, which tests the fitness, agility, determination and grit of male cyclists around the world. But this year, the event got a bit livelier thanks to an ingenious farmer, who has ‘dressed’ his flock of sheep in Tour de France ‘jerseys’

Farmer Keith Chapman has given his sheep a Tour de France makeover, in the hope that they’ll be spotted by TV cameras as the race passes their field in Yorkshire. In North Yorkshire, the flock of sheep is showing their support for the Tour de France. This flock, based at Daleside Nurseries in Killinghall near Harrogate, has been dyed in the colors of the race jerseys.

Keith, who works at the garden center, used dye he would usually use at tupping (mating) time. Needless to say, the sheep with unique appearances have been garnering a great deal of attention. The farmer has even decorated a large patch on his field in the shape of a jersey and bright yellow flowers that simply can’t be ignored when the race passes through this region. Over 2,500 French Marigold plants went into making this gigantic yellow jersey which sits on the side of the road near Killinghall, confirmed Keith.

2,500 French Marigold Flowers Make The Huge Yellow Jersey

The townsfolk have festooned yellow ribbon on lampposts and strung bunting from fence to fence in an attempt to impress judges at Welcome to Yorkshire. In fact, Killinghall has been named Yorkshire’s best dressed village for the Tour de France, owing to the multi-colored sheep, reported Harrogate Advertiser.

News of the village’s efforts has spread around the world after pictures of a giant floral yellow jersey and painted sheep went viral. “”People are really in support of the Tour, it is a huge event, it will really put Harrogate on the map,” said Managing director of Daleside Nurseries, Stuart Townsend.

Planning began a year earlier and the farmer has been investing 4-5 hours daily for his labor of love that is hoped will be shown on TV worldwide, when the Tour de France is broadcast live across the globe, reported ITV.

The photo of the bright yellow jersey has been shared over 100,000 times. Moreover, the town has even designed buntings which have miniature jerseys which the local volunteers have painstakingly knitted. “I didn’t expect things to snowball like this, it is fantastic what people are doing to support the Tour,” shared an emotional Keith.

The Sheep Appear Comfortable As The Dye Is Meant For Them

As for the animals, they look quite content & oblivious about the worldwide attention

[Image Credit | Adrian Murray, ITV]