Get some bling for your eyes. Diamond bling at that. [Video]

Now that you have recovered from that really creepy image above we can continue on and creep you out even further, that is if you have $15,000 to spare for a set of contacts.

Contacts, $15,000?

Yes, but these are special contacts like you have never seen before. Thanks to India's Shekhar Eye Research Center you can now buy a set of contacts, gold plated and encrusted with 18 diamonds.

The lenses are on sale now for INR 700,000 (£9,736) per pair, creator Chandrashekhar Chawan has confirmed to They are part of the company's La SER Jewelry range and will be available in four designs: 18 diamonds on white gold, 18 diamonds on yellow gold, just white gold and yellow gold.

He added to the Mumbai Mirror that the lenses, weighing 5g in total, sit between 6mm and 9mm away from the cornea and hold water in front of it to soothe the eye. Chawan's company, Shekhar Eye Research, says that the design will not stop oxygen from getting to the eye; they can be customised to correct any visual impairment and are comfortable to wear.


Here's a video to show what you will be getting for your money

Diamond Contact Lenses a New Fashion Trend?