RAGE install on Xbox 360 is 22GB

If you were planning on playing id Software‘s RAGE on Xbox 360 when it launches this year, you better start clearing out hard drive space if you have any intentions of installing it to the Xbox 360’s hard drive. Like, a lot of space.

id Software’s John Carmack broke the news during a panel at QuakeCon (spotted by TheSixthAxis) that RAGE on the Xbox 360 will come with an absolutely massive 22GB installation size. As you may recall, RAGE on the Xbox 360 is two discs – but if you want to install the game at all, you’ll have to install both discs, not just one.

“On the 360 we don’t have a partial install option; it’s all or nothing, which is kind of unfortunate. It means you have to install 21/22GB of stuff which takes a long time but if you’ve got it and you play it on the 360 that’s the way to go.”

Despite the insane file size, Carmack suggests that, provided users have the space to do so, installation would be the best option to go with.

“Once you get everything from memory that works pretty good, but if you’re coming straight from the hard drive then the first time you walk into everything from the DVD or from the Blu-ray – even worse in terms of total latency time – you listen to that Blu-ray churning around as [it’s] pulling everything in.”

RAGE is due out on Xbox 360 alongside PC and PlayStation 3 on October 4 in North America, October 7 in Europe.

While you’re here, and provided you have a little over an hour to spare, you can check out John Carmack’s panel in the video just below.