Beyonce, Jay-Z Debunk Cheating, Split Rumors With Lovefest In Foxborough

Beyonce and Jay-Z did a great job debunking cheating and split rumors during their On The Run Tour in Foxborough, Mass. on Tuesday evening. While rumors that the power couple was having major marital troubles have been at an all-time high, Jay and Bey did a great job showcasing their love for one another while on stage at Gillette Stadium. Despite avoiding full-on kissing, the couple shared some sweet smiles and tender touches throughout the night -- just enough to let everyone know that they are still together.

As points out:

"Thanks to those Jumbotrons, the crowd was offered glimpses of the pair sharing googly-eyed moments."
Beyonce and Jay-Z divorce rumors might have been put to bed last night, that is, if you take their actions as true signs of what is really going on between the couple of 12 years. There was an earlier report by Celebuzz that suggested that Beyonce changed the words to the song "Resentment" to reflect her "real-life" scenario, but would she really open up to the world in such an obvious about her husband cheating on her?

Moreover, would she sing that song wearing a wedding ensemble and follow it (seven songs later) with a beautiful montage of her life with her husband and their 2-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy? Yeah, probably not.

The last 15 minutes of the show were the absolute best, anyway. Jay-Z and Beyonce took the stage together for a mash-up of "Forever Young" and "Halo." Whilst they performed, they showed footage from their wedding day, and home videos of their ultra-private life together. The two smiled at each other as they looked up at the Jumbotrons, clearly in love with their love -- and you really can't fake that, can you?

Beyonce and Jay-Z put on quite the show, but a lot of people had mixed feelings about it. While they did perform a total of 43 songs, some wanted more "real" Bey and Jay and less "fake" Bonnie and Clyde. Overall, however, the show was one of a kind and something that many people won't ever get to see again (that's pretty much guaranteed if the couple ends up getting divorced).

If Jay-Z cheated on Beyonce, chances are she wouldn't be sticking by his side. She probably wouldn't want him anywhere near her, either, which isn't even close to what she showcased in Foxborough.

[Photo courtesy of Ray Amati/NBAE via Getty Images via CBS Local]