Lingerie Football League set to start season in 18 days

I have got to be honest with all of you. Writing about the Lingerie Football League puts me in a very weird position. Not in the way everyone might think. I am proud to be the Director of Media Relations for the Detroit Dark Angels, a professional Women’s football team who plays in full pads and helmets under NFL rules. I have been involved with the sport of Women’s football for close to six years now, and my personal prejudice is that the LFL league is not exactly real football. Nor is it the final professional destination I want for my players. However, it is becoming a big deal and as a sports writer I feel it now deserves a some coverage.

First a little background. This sport, and I will call it a sport despite my personal feelings, grew out of an annual Super Bowl halftime Pay Per View event. This is a league with 12 teams either up and running or due to be added soon. The league website is a little blank on the details, but the games will begin in early September and MTV2 will be airing 20 games this season. I am not sure if they go out live, or if they will be the edited down versions I watched in 2010.

Now there are some very big names associated with this league that NFL fans will instantly recognize. Gilbert Brown will be the head coach of the Green Bay Chill, Bob Golic has been announced as the owner of the Cleveland Crush, and he has hired former Cleveland Browns DB Hanford Dixon as that team’s head coach. Dixon had been on the broadcast team for Cleveland’s arena football team.

So this is a 7-7 football game played on the 50 yard field many are familiar with from watching Arena Football games. Far be it from me to judge anyone for watching this, as I enjoy muscular women dong stuff like this as much as the next guy, but if sex is the main selling point of this league this may be my one and only LFL post. For now I will save judgment, and keep an open mind in my coverage of this growing sport.