Zayn Malik Throws Cell Phone Into Crowd During Milan Concert [Video]

If you throw something at Zayn Malik while he’s trying to entertain the masses during a One Direction concert, then you might want to watch your head. There’s a strong possibility the singer is going to toss the item right back into the crowd.

Niall Horan recently tweeted about the dangers associated with pelting famous people with random objects while they’re performing on-stage. Since the One Direction heartthrob recently underwent surgery, he’s a little concerned about getting injured during one of his performances. In fact, poor guy took a painful blow to the knee just the other night.

Malik’s bandmate urged fans to knock it off in a handful of posts on Twitter.

According to Unreality TV, Zayn Malik doesn’t take such questionable behavior lying down. When someone tossed a cell phone on-stage during the One Direction show in Milan, Malik didn’t have any qualms about tossing it back into the crowd. Judging from the clip you see below, it appears the phone found a new home.

Louis Tomlinson’s reaction is nothing short of priceless. Although it’s unclear who ended up getting smacked with the aforementioned device, it’s obvious that Zayn Malik managed to connect with one of his fans in a very unique way.

Before you accuse Zayn Malik of detesting his fanbase, it’s painfully clear that the guy would never smack someone in the face out of pure malice. It’s obvious that he gently tosses the phone into the crowd, as opposed to violently heaving it directly into someone’s unsuspecting mug. If you need further proof of Zayn’s devotion, then check out what he told approximately 90,000 people at Wembley Stadium earlier this year.

Malik boldly proclaimed:

“Thank you for everything you’ve done for us from the X factor until now. You’re the best fans in the world.”

Of course, there are plenty of posts like this floating around Twitter.

To the recipient of the cell phone: Zayn Malik didn’t mean to clock you with the device. Wear your cut, bruise, and-or mild laceration with pride.

[Image via J-14]