Best Tim Howard Memes On Twitter: See All The Things American Goalie Could Save

People can't get enough of American goalie and latest hero, Tim Howard, after the record breaking amount of saves he had during the round of 16 match against Belgium, on Tuesday. If you didn't watch it on television or the internet, you have surely heard all about it from the national news or social media.

On Twitter people continue to post great memes and somebody even went into Wikipedia to declare a new Defense Secretary for the United States (sorry Chuck Hagel, but Tim Howard is a lot more popular) even if only for a few minutes. The hack was taken down promptly by the research website.

On Wednesday the hashtag #ThingsTimHowardCouldSave and others related memes are trending worldwide, even if the modest #1 says he was only doing his job yesterday. Not many who were watching -- Americans or not -- will soon forget the 35-year-old American goalie, who has inspired millions.

As you can see the Tim Howard memes show him saving all kinds of things, real ones and imaginary ones. Americans love heroes and they have found one in Team USA.

Tim Howard memes are a hot topic of conversation on Twitter and everyone has an opinion either way. Check out the Twitter feed below to see what people are saying:

[Image via Twitter]