‘Sunset Overdrive’ Gameplay Trailer Shows Off Multiplayer ‘Chaos Squad’ [Video]

New Sunset Overdrive gameplay has been revealed in a trailer for the Chaos Squad mode. The Xbox One exclusive title plans to take the third person parkour elements from noted games like Assassin’s Creed and Titanfall, combine them with the extreme sports stylings of the Tony Hawk games, and put it all into an open world environment loaded with mutants and things to blow up.

These aren’t the mutants you see in X-Men, but the ones you see in horror movies and other video games.

Apparently the corporation known as FizzCo invented an energy drink (Overcharge Delirium XT) that makes humans mutate and go insane if they drink too much of it. The FDA regulations obviously don’t exist in the dystopian future of Sunset Overdrive. Single player games put you in the role of an employee charged with cleaning up after the launch of the drink. The problem is that too many people drank too much of it and the city is in danger of being overrun with mutants gone mad.

Multiplayer Sunset Overdrive gameplay is going to push the action even harder, and the goal is to build up an attribute known as Chaos (hence the Chaos Squad). The way it works is that you enter the eight player mode through a kind of magical transportation device and you arrive with everything from your single player game. You leave the same way, so any weapons or items you find or earn in multiplayer can be used when you play solo.

It won’t be one player deciding where it happens either. The players all get to vote on where they want to go between rounds, so it’s a majority rule. You will always start in a different part of the area chosen, so the game practically never plays the same way twice.

After enough rounds with your teammates, you and your fellow gamers will cooperate in Night Defense. This is more of a tower defense kind of game with an open world multiplayer feel. The more Chaos you earn, the harder it gets, so those looking for hardcore challenge will feel right at home.

Are you ready for Sunset Overdrive gameplay with the Chaos Squad?

[image via kanobu]