Avril Lavigne Schedules Two Shows At Summer Sonic 2014 In Japan

Avril Lavigne is reportedly headed back to Japan later this summer.

Since the country was among the first to adopt the Canadian singer’s musical stylings, Lavigne makes it a point to give her Japanese fans plenty of love. Although she already spent some quality time in Japan earlier this year, it would appear that Avril is coming back around before the year wraps up.

In a recent post on Twitter, Avril Lavigne revealed that she’s scheduled to perform two shows at Summer Sonic 2014 in Osaka, Japan, towards the middle of August. The event will also feature appearances from the Arctic Monkeys, Phoenix, the Pixies, Robert Plant, and Queen, among many others Tickets are currently on sale, so start making travel arrangements as soon as possible.

It’s obvious that Avril Lavigne truly appreciates her fans in Japan. Although she loves everyone who supports her career, she definitely seems to have a serious crush on the people who embraced her work early on.

She recently told The Hollywood Reporter:

“In Japan, the audience is always in sync together. If you ask them to clap, they all clap. If I start fist pumping, they all fist pump with me. It’s pretty cool. In between every song, they stop and they’re quiet because they’re so respectful. Then if you play a fast song, they all start rocking out, and the minute you’re done, they stop… In China, the show starts, and everyone in the bleachers comes running down to the front and everyone’s tripping over each other and it’s rowdy, mayhem. It’s craziness.”

While Japanese fans are understandably excited about Avril Lavigne’s return to the country this August, others are incredibly disappointed that she isn’t scheduling more shows in their neck of the woods. Twitter complaints promptly ensued.

Are you excited that Avril Lavigne is playing Summer Sonic 2014? Will you make the journey to Osaka, Japan, this August?

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