Ellie Goulding Has An Aversion To Boob Jobs

If you think Ellie Goulding recently had a boob job, then she thinks you’re seriously mistaken on the matter. According to the 27-year-old singer, she’s more than a little terrified about undergoing such a procedure.

Instead of using cosmetic surgery to increase her bust, Goulding said she made a few alterations to her diet. According to Metro, Ellie reportedly eliminated meat and fish from the menu. She also stopped exercising on a regular basis, which may sound completely absurd to those who spend every waking moment on the treadmill at the gym.

Goulding explained “I ran every day for seven months, maybe too obsessively, and when I stopped I became curvier. My boobs look bigger because my waist is smaller. People underestimate how you can shape your body. Since I stopped eating meat and fish, my body’s better than ever.”

Ellie also used the opportunity to shoot down recent boob job rumors. The singer said, “I’m petrified of anything like that. My friends will think it’s hilarious.”

Although Goulding is reportedly terrified of going under the knife to alter her breasts, apparently the idea wasn’t entirely petrifying late last year. Yahoo! UK points out that Ellie revealed that she often thought about having plastic surgery since the size of her boobs started to decrease the more she worked out.

The singer said:

“Sometimes I feel I would like a boob job because I have run my boobs off. When you run as far and as often as I do, the boobs are the first thing to go. But I don’t think I would ever get it done, because I like running too much.”

Things have certainly changed since those days. After adopting a vegetarian lifestyle, Ellie Goulding was able to shape her body into something she’s proud to show off. The singer told the Daily Star that she’s much happier with her shapely appearance.

“I’m way more womanly now. I’m a bit more confident with my body. I’ve got a belly, boobs and a bum,” Goulding explained.

Silencing boob job rumors isn’t the only thing Goulding is discussing these days. The Inquisitr previously reported that Ellie is busy putting together material for her next album, songs that will have more to do with nature than the agony often associated with love.

She explained to the Sun:

“I’m reading about the beginning of the universe and also watching documentaries and loving David Attenborough — his voice and his knowledge is amazing. If I could somehow utilize his voice in a recording with me, it would be awesome — a chance to make a point with my music and his authority.”

Do you believe Ellie Goulding recently had a boob job?

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