No more theories – Earth has a belt of anti-matter surrounding it

I’ve been spending some time lately getting caught up on the episodes of the awesome science show called Through the Wormhole. One topic that has been getting a lot of attention is the subject of anti-matter . Until now scientists could only theorize about where one might actually find some “anti-matter”

Well, those theories just got some backing after a recent discovery by Alessandro Bruno of the University of Bari that anti-matter had been trapped by the Earth’s magnetic field; and this has lead to some fun theorizing that we could use that trapped anti-matter to power spaceships.

The researchers that discovered the antiprotons didn’t hesitate in theorizing some fun science fiction, claiming there may be enough antiprotons to use the antimatter to fuel a spacecraft.

When Pamela passes through a region known as the South Atlantic Anomaly, it finds thousands of times more antiprotons than are supposed to come from normal particle decays or, for that matter, anywhere else, thus, the team says that this is evidence that the Van Allen belts hold the antiprotons in place, until they come into contact with normal matter and, to use the surprisingly fun scientific term, annihilate.

Co-author of the study, Alessandro Bruno of the University of Bari, says this belt of antimatter is ”the most abundant source of antiprotons near the Earth.”

via Geekosystem

While I doubt this means that we’ll see star ships in our time it is still pretty cool news.