Kate Upton Bed Selfie: Kate Posts Sexy Selfie While In Bed With Two Men? [Photo]

Kate Upton posted a bed selfie on Instagram, and it has totally steamed up the internet. The actress/model was topless in bed with only a cream-colored sheet covering her precious parts. Kate was not all alone, however. Upton was actually in bed with two men. And before you start assuming that she is promiscuous, Kate was actually working on a photoshoot with Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott.

According to The SpreadIt:

“She was working with the fashion photographers who are known under the name ‘Mert and Marcus’ allegedly for an forthcoming photo spread for an unnamed magazine.”

Kate Upton’s bed selfie could mean that she will be featured in an upcoming magazine spread soon — which is really nothing new. At the same time, Kate’s eye makeup in the photo was pretty heavy, so it is possible that the photoshoot was part of her new campaign for Bobby Brown Cosmetics — which she posted about the very next day.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, things haven’t always been easy for Kate Upton. She recently opened up about how tough her modeling career was on her when she first started out at age 15. The blonde beauty revealed that she felt “overweight” in comparison to the other super slender girls around her. Of course, Kate has a “curvy” body, and many people love that she doesn’t fall into that stereotypical category of “scary-thin.”

“In the beginning of my career, slimmer, less curvy models were more popular and I got down on myself. I didn’t feel as confident or as beautiful, but it made me realize that it’s not about what people say to you or what people think, it’s about competing with yourself and being the best that you can be. But also, I don’t take myself too seriously.”

Kate Upton and her bed selfie showed the world that being beautiful doesn’t always mean being skinny and showing off your whole body. Kate has seductive eyes and she definitely knows how to work the camera (even if the camera is on her phone!). While her acting might need a bit of work (she was just okay in The Other Woman), she has a huge career ahead of her and she will be around for quite some time. She definitely works hard and she loves what she does, which is always a key to success.

Are you a Kate Upton fan? Did you like her bed selfie?

[Photo courtesy of Kate Upton / Instagram]