‘The Last Of Us’ 1080p 60fps: Frame Rate Not Optional, Says Naughty Dog, But What About Resolution?

The Last of Us will be 1080p 60fps, says Naughty Dog developer Christian Gyrling. His official Twitter account stated that the PS4 exclusive port of The Inquisitr‘s PlayStation 3 Game of the Year was painstakingly made to maintain the goal for all new games.

When asked about the frame rate, which usually tends to drop in multiplayer or when the action gets going, the developer claimed it will remain at a constant 60 frames per second.

The Last of Us is renowned for its attention to detail, story, and characters, despite being set in a zombie-ridden environment. It’s been proven that adding zombies can translate into an easy payday for most game developers. Would Plants Vs Zombies have been anywhere near as popular without the zombies? Even the U.S. government seriously came up with a contingency plan in case of a zombie apocalypse.

Zombies are just that popular. For that reason, the Last of Us PS4 port could easily have taken a minimal route and still sold well, though it might suffer from the same fate reported about the next-gen Grand Theft Auto 5 preorders. Naughty Dog isn’t planning to take the easy route with their port though. They want their game to be worth buying a second time.

The PS4 performance for The Last of Us at 1080p 60fps is not an option for Gyrling. It’s a necessity. Gamers have raised their expectations and could feel cheated if they don’t get a true upgrade to a game they already played through.

There was no promise made about maintaining the resolution though. The Last of Us 60fps goal might end up sacrificing the visuals for smoother gameplay when things get hectic, or there could be less characters on screen.

It appears only the simplest concepts ever achieve the goal met by Mario Kart 8 on Wii U, but if Nintendo could do it on Wii U, why can’t Sony and Microsoft do it on more powerful consoles?

It seems a choppy frame rate is unacceptable to Naughty Dog, aiming for The Last of Us hitting 1080p 60fps and not compromising the frame rate.

Will it be enough to make gamers everywhere justify upgrading to the Last of Us PS4 port?

[image via leviathyn]