WWE News: WWE Superstar John Cena Turning Heel Soon For New Role

In what can only be described as surprising, it seems that WWE’s golden boy and face of the company John Cena may actually turn into a villain in 2015. This according to Deadline.com, John Cena is set to become a bad guy once again…however it’s not in the way you might think. Sadly, it’s not for a Pro-Wrestling role, but for a movie called The Nest, which is a comedy that stars Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. Jason Moore of Pitch Perfect fame is directing the film from a script by Paula Pell.

The movie is about two estranged sisters who decide to throw a last party at their house which their parents are about to sell. Fey and Poehler have worked together before, in movies such as Baby Momma as well as their years together on Saturday Night Live. When it comes to John Cena, however, his role has not been fully released yet. However, Deadline reports that Cena will be one of, if not the main antagonist in the film. This would of course be the first time that Cena has played a bad guy character in around 12 years.

The movie is set to release in theaters by mid-December 2015. So we do have a long time to wait and see Cena in a heel-like role….or maybe not. As we have noticed, the WWE has used Cena in a role that is different over the few years. He seemed to be more thug-like on RAW this past Monday, going back to his Doctor of Thuganomics role of yesteryear.

WWE has also used Cena less as a World Champion, at only once to twice per year in the last 3 years really. And he holds them for shorter times dating back to 2011 versus his normal reigns of 6 to 8 months. CM Punk held the WWE Title from November of 2011 to January of 2013, so Cena didn’t have a World Title for well over a year and finally won it from The Rock at WrestleMania 29. He then lost it to Daniel Bryan and then won the World Heavyweight before losing it to Randy Orton to merge the World Titles shortly after. It was not until this past Sunday that he regained a World Title and that was only due to the WWE being forced to do it due to Daniel Bryan being out of action with an injury.

So really, the 15-time World Champion has a lot of potential to continue winning more World Titles and break Ric Flair’s legendary record. However, the WWE is a bit tentative on this. Why do you think Cena has not broken it already? The reason is because not only does WWE realize doing this would cause a rift, but because they also have other stars they want to create. Therefore Cena is put on the back burner and used in other rivalries. The wait for something we ultimately know will happen is potentially being done to help build the time he finally does beat the record.

WWE could, in reality, have Cena as a 17-time World Champion by December of 2015. That is easily possible. If you thought Cena got booed at WWE events now, imagine the horrific things that would be done once he beats one of the longest standing records in pro-wrestling history. WWE easily has a heel now if never before. WWE also would be able to build up the new generation of top tier babyfaces by late 2015. So WWE could pull a Hulk Hogan with John Cena, and shock the world by making him the bad guy due to the fact that they may have built guys up enough by then. This may never happen, however it is telling that WWE would allow Cena to take a villain role in a movie, especially a theatrical release where many will see him as a bad guy. Whether or not this actually translates to his WWE character is yet to be determined.

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