Andi Dorfman Pregnant: Bachelorette Slams Rumors Of Fantasy Suite Pregnancy

Andi Dorfman says she is not pregnant, despite widespread reports that the Bachelorette got knocked up during her fantasy suite dates.

The reality show contestant has been winding down her choices for a fiancee, and reports say that she became very intimate with both Nick Viall and Josh Murphy on their overnight dates.

A report in InTouch magazine claimed that during one of those dates, Andi Dorfman got pregnant, and still isn’t quite sure which guy is the father.

But if Andi Dorfman is pregnant, apparently no one told the Bachelorette herself. Andi recently responded to the rumors, saying somewhat hilariously that she is indeed not pregnant.

The report that Andi Dorfman was pregnant seemed to have at least a bit of grounding. Reports last week noted that the Bachelorette contestant had quit her job as an assistant district attorney, which many took to mean that she was moving out of state to live with a new husband. Reports of a pregnancy would have made sense given this context.

Us Weekly filled in some of the details about her absense:

“According to the AJC, Dorfman was granted a leave of absence by her boss, District Attorney Paul Howard, in February. At the time, Dorfman’s request was called ‘unusual’ by Howard, but cleared, allowing her to return. The leave of absence was unpaid, and according to the AJC, Dorfman was to return to her post by May 31.”

While Andi Dorfman has already made her choice for the Bachelorette finale, fans will find out soon which man she picks. But those who have been following along may already have some clues.

[WARNING: Spoilers ahead]

Blogger Reality Steve, who has successfully predicted all but one winner from the Bachelor/Bachelorette series, claims that Josh will be the one slipping the engagement ring on Andi’s finger at the end. Whether he has also gotten Andi Dorfman pregnant — well, fans will probably have to wait until the After The Final Rose live show to address that rumor.