July 2, 2014
WWE Diva Emma Arrested For Shoplifting An iPad Case From Walmart

WWE NXT has been the launching pad for an array of current WWE superstars. This includes Dean Ambrose of The Shield who is now in a major story with former member, the "Judas" of The Shield, Seth Rollins as well as Paige, the "Diva of Tomorrow" who's Divas Championship reign ended at the hands of the same diva she defeated to get the title, the "Best Diva in the World", AJ Lee. Not to mention, we also reported on rumored upcoming WWE NXT talent, Kevin Steen and Prince Devitt, and how they may be the future of the WWE too. Unfortunately, breaking reports are now flooding the wrestling world that one of the WWE superstars of the main roster, who got their start on WWE NXT, is in trouble, and unfortunately, it's one people love for her bubbly attitude, clumsiness, and overall likability.

In a initial article by TMZ, WWE diva, Emma (who's real name is Tenille Dashwood), was arrested during the June 30, 2014 taping of WWE Monday Night RAW in Hartford, Connecticut. The charge: misdemeanor larceny in the 6th degree. Wow! That is a very high and intense degree for shoplifing a red iHome "Spin Swivel" iPad Mini case that was on sale for $21.14! I don't know about you but if someone works as a WWE Superstar, especially if they so happen to be popular, I think they can afford something that is $21.14! Even a person on minimum wage can afford something that is $21.14! So why would Emma steal it in the first place?

That seems to be answered in another follow-up article by the Bleacher Report. In it, Christine Dempsey and David Owens provide details on Emma's arrest, and for all the hardcore wresting fans, please forgive the one piece of incorrectness pertaining to wrestling. They probably don't watch WWE in the first place and just reported details as is:

"Dashwood, whose ring name is 'Diva Emma,' appeared in community court Tuesday. She was told to perform community service, according to her lawyer, Hubert Santos. When she completes the community service, the charge will be dismissed, Santos said.

Santos said outside the courtroom that his client's arrest was the result of a mistake. She was using a self-checkout machine at the Hartford Wal-Mart when she bought about $30 of items but forgot to pay for aniPod or iPad case, Santos said."

In short, this is simply a mistake, which goes back to my initial presumption that Emma could afford the item in the first place. However, this incident did happen during a very sensitive time for the WWE diva. First, she's just starting to gain her footing in the main roster. Second, the WWE is suffering financially and had to let go thirteen WWE superstars and one head writer (though the head writer was officially let go because he didn't know anything about WWE).

And it doesn't help out that TMZ officially released Emma's mugshots on their official Twitter page, in which the tweet is shown below.

Personally, this is just Emma's first offense underneath the WWE, and as shown above, was a misunderstanding on her part. There has been many situations the WWE has forgiven their talent for slipping up. So for fans who love Emma and find her #emmataining, the possibility of her getting terminated is most likely to be extremely low.

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