Which Celebrities Are The Biggest World Cup Fans? (You Might Be Surprised)

The entire world has World Cup 2014 fever and it seems like celebrities are no exception. From reality TV stars to desperate housewives, the list of celebrities spent most of their time throughout the last several weeks glued to the TV to watch the World Cup soccer matches. Here are some of our favorite World Cup 2014 celebrity fans.

Celebrities who are World Cup 2014 Fans

Eva Longoria is perhaps best known for her role as a Desperate Housewife and she also has been notoriously linked to NBA player Tony Parker, to whom she was married for nearly four years. She’s also a huge World Cup soccer fan. Ryan Seacrest is a radio personality who also currently hosts American Idol and also owns Ryan Seacrest Productions, which brought Keeping Up With The Kardashians to the world stage. He just so happens to be a major World Cup soccer fan as well.

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Celebrities World Cup 2014

Kevin McHale recently tweeted: “An advance is an advance!! Way to go boys! #usmnt #worldcup”. He is a dancer, singer, and former boy band member. He is best known for his role in the Fox television series Glee. Piers Morgan is a British TV personality, reality show judge, and journalist who is a big supporter of the World Cup.

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Celebrities who are World Cup 2014 Fans

Hulk Hogan, who really isn’t aware of who Hulk Hogan is? He is a professional wrestler, reality TV star, businessman, and part-time musician who is a major fan of the USA MLS. Rob Kardashian is also a TV personality, only brother to the famed Kardashian sisters who enjoys watching the World Cup.

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Celebrities who are World Cup 2014 Fans

Jimmy Kimmel recently gave a shout out to the U.S. men’s soccer club: congratulations to Team USA and @TimHowardGK on the run and on making me kind of like soccer #WorldCup2014. Kimmel is best known as a comedian, actor and host of Jimmy Kimmel Live! John Stamos played hunky uncle Jesse on Full House and has had a handful of walk-on roles in TV and movies, but that doesn’t take him away from taking in a World Cup soccer game. He recently tweeted: “We lose but we advance – Some cloaked message to be learned here? #WorldCup”

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Which Celebrities Are The Biggest World Cup Fans?

Sarah Hyland plays the eldest sibling on the ABC dramedy Modern Family and is also loves watching World Cup soccer. Her favorite team? The U.S. MLS club. Debra Messing played quirky Grace Adler on Will and Grace as well as Julia Houston on Smash but she takes time out to support her favorite World Cup 2014 team. She recently tweeted: “WORLD CUP PARTY! Go USA!!! #worldcup #soccer”.

Alas, the United States MLS club was knocked out of the running for the finals when they were taken to the cleaners during round 16 by Belgium. But soccer boys in red, white, and blue sure gave it a good run.

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