Jennifer Lawrence Is The Most Powerful Actress Alive

Everyone knows Jennifer Lawrence is the new “it” girl. She’s a Hollywood’s treasure. But did you know Jennifer Lawrence is considered the most powerful actress in the world? According to the new Forbes list, Lawrence joins Robert Downey Jr. and Angelina Jolie on the list of the 100 most powerful celebrities.

Jennifer ranked number 12 on the list, beating out actresses like Sandra Bullock and musicians like Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift. The top spot goes to Beyonce Knowles, despite some recent rumors that her tour and marriage is falling apart. The other women in the top spots are musicians and television hosts, meaning Jennifer Lawrence earns the title of most powerful actress.

It’s certainly obvious that Jennifer Lawrence is popular. She’s well-respected for her acting talent; she’s been nominated for an Oscar three times. People love Jennifer’s down-to-earth mannerisms in interviews and on the red carpet, as well as her realistic ideas about beauty and body image. But what is it that makes Jennifer Lawrence powerful?

Forbes claims it’s Jennifer Lawrence’s on-screen persona that helps convey a sense of strength and power. Particularly, her role in The Hunger Games films playing Katniss Everdeen battling a tyrannical government proves that Lawrence not only has the acting chops, but also the physical skill to take on anything that stands in her way. Her appearance in those films has helped the franchise earn $1.5 billion so far, with two movies left to be released.

The LA Times claims Jennifer Lawrence helped breathe life into the dying X-Men film franchise at the age of 23. Any actress with that many Oscar nominations and that much star power at such a young age has got to have a lot of sway over the globe, right? In fact, Jennifer Lawrence is the fourth-youngest celebrity to make it onto Forbes‘ list along with Miley Cyrus, Justin Beiber, and Kate Upton.

Movie Fonepoints out that Lawrence has already had an incredible career, and she’s barely even begun. Lawrence won an Oscar for her performance in The Silver Linings Playbook and raked in roughly $34 million for her work in Hollywood.

Forbes sums up the source of Jennifer’s power in one sentence: “That combination of action hero and award-winning actress makes Jennifer Lawrence the most powerful actress in Hollywood right now.”

What do you think about Jennifer Lawrence? Is she as powerful as people say she is? Or is Jennifer just another big-shot actress who rose to fame accidentally? Let us know below.

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