Anonymous and AntiSec Retaliate, Hack U.S. Law Agencies

Hacker groups AntiSec and Anonymous have hacked nearly 70 law enforcement websites around the United States this week, claiming retaliation for last months arrest of more than a dozen hackers from around the world.

According to the group they have downloaded “a massive amount of confidential information that is sure to (embarrass), discredit, and incriminate police officers across the US.”

All together hackers from the collective gathered nearly 10 gigabtyes of information and posted that information online during the early hours of Saturday morning. information posted included officer emails, credit card numbers, and reported tips.

In true AntiSec, Anonymous fashion they also managed to humiliate victims of crimes, including the postings of teenage girls in swimsuits which were part of an ongoing investigation.

The groups work seems to have come mostly from Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, and Mississippi where a small media hosting company handles the hacked accounts.

According to Anonymous they posted the information to “demonstrate the inherently corrupt nature of law enforcement,” while one security analyst said it was nothing more than a lazy hacking attempt by the group since “It seems to me to be low-hanging fruit” based on lousy security by the hosting firm.

Anonymous, AntiSec, LulzSec and others continue to hack company’s, governmental agencies and others to “teach them a lesson” in the meantime the United States, UK and other countries are now considering hacking acts of terrorism, acts which could place every captured and convicted hacker behind bars for the rest of their lives with no chance of parole.