Time To Impeach: Sarah Palin Issues Bombastic Call For Obama Ouster

Sarah Palin is saying "it's time to impeach" President Barack Obama, saying that the president has not only neglected his constitutionally-mandated duties, but that he's doing so on purpose.

Palin's "time to impeach" opinion piece ran Tuesday on the conservative outlet, Breitbart. Palin's piece begins with a bombshell of a claim, but one that has been gaining traction among conservative talking heads.

"Without borders," Palin writes, "there is no nation. Obama knows this. Opening our borders to a flood of illegal immigrants is deliberate. This is his fundamental transformation of America."

Palin's call to impeach, of course, comes at a time when the surge of immigrants across the southern U.S. border appears to have skyrocketed. Recent weeks have seen waves of young migrants pouring across the border, despite the Obama administration's efforts to stem the tide. As The Inquisitr reported recently, the administration is calling for Congress to allocate billions of dollars to address the issue. Palin, though, thinks a move to impeach Obama is the only way forward.

"[O]ur president [prioritizes] parties over doing the job he was hired by voters to do," writes the conservative mouthpiece, who currently holds no political office and is said to be weighing a spot on The View.

Even as Palin and others have said it's time to impeach, the Obama administration is calling for additional immigration judges, as well as new facilities to care for unaccompanied children while they are in the country. According to a recent NBC News report, about 10 percent of the administration's requested funds would go toward repatriating migrants to Central America and addressing the underlying economic and security causes that led to the spike in child migrants.

That's not enough for Palin, who claims that impeachment is necessary in order to stop a lawless president.

Time to impeach
Sarah Palin says it's time to impeach President Obama over the border issues. Image via Politico.

"President Obama's rewarding of lawlessness, including his own, is the foundational problem here," Palin writes in her "Time to Impeach" piece. The move to impeach, she says, would also keep Mr. Obama from continuing to "make up his own laws" and "[meddling] in the U.S. Court System with appointments that will forever change the basic interpretation" of the Constitution.

Impeaching, Palin says, is the only way to secure the country for hard-working Americans, who she says are the real ones suffering.

"Have faith that average American workers," writes Palin, "do care, because we're the ones getting screwed..."

Palin pins the struggles of the American worker squarely on the children fleeing difficult situations in their own countries.

"Because of Obama's purposeful dereliction of duty," she writes, "an untold number of illegal immigrants will kick off their shoes and come on in..."

With or without impeachment, Palin writes, Obama and his ilk will waste no time thinking about the struggles of average Americans, as the crisis won't touch people on the elite's level.

"His friendly wealthy bipartisan elite... can afford for themselves the best 'border security' money can buy in their own exclusive communities," writes Palin, who has an estimated net worth of $12 million.

Palin is not alone in saying it's time to impeach. Ben Carson, another possible presidential hopeful, has called President Obama "corrupt" and "unfit for office." Other conservatives – including Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Allen West, and others – have called for Mr. Obama to be impeached for everything from ACORN to Benghazi to Bowe Berghdal.

The Constitution states that impeachment is an option in the cause of "treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors." In saying it is time to impeach President Obama, Palin says that "the many impeachable offenses of Barack Obama can no longer be ignored." Palin does not go into detail on what those "many impeachable offenses" might be, but she does conclude saying:

"If after all this he's not impeachable, then no one is."