Linkin Park’s ‘The Hunting Party’ Reaches Number One Spot

Linkin Park’s new album TheHunting Party recently reached the number 1 spot on the Billboard charts. The Inquisitr reported that Linkin Park had made into the top five, but now it seems they’ve gone all the way to the top position on Billboard’s list of Top Rock Albums.

This isn’t Linkin Park’s first time topping the charts. According to, Linkin Park has done it three times before with their debut 2000 album Hybrid Theory and Meteora from 2003, which each placed high on the Alternative Albums and Hard Rock Albums charts. Hybrid Theory peaked at the number two spot, never quite making it to the number one slot. Linkin Park’s most recent album, Living Things, sold 223,000 copies and shot to the number one spot of the Top Rock Albums chart shortly after its debut. While Linkin Park’s latest effort might not have opened in the number one spot, it eventually advanced to the top over bands like OK Go and Arctic Monkeys.

Some early reviews of Linkin Park’s TheHunting Party suggested it wasn’t their best effort. Some critics called it a mess, others suggested it was underwhelming. But the sales seem to disagree. Linkin Park’s newest release sold 110,000 copies within its first week and continues to climb. This could be a result of Linkin Park’s exceptional promotional efforts, including their own video game, many contests and concerts and even a charity event.

Linkin Park has revealed many details about Hunting Party in the past, including the scoop behind the featured guest musicians. But surprisingly, this is Linkin Park’s first effort without their go-to producer Rick Rubin since 2003. It seems they’re doing all right without him. Linkin Park’s new hit single “Guilty All the Same” lasted three weeks in May on the Mainstream Rock Songs airplay chart.

You can see the music video for Linkin Park’s song below:

The Hindu claims that Hunting Party could have been Linkin Park’s debut album before Hybrid Theory.

“A lot of The Hunting Party is nostalgic in many ways, the collaborators (Tom Morello, Rakim, Daron Malakian) included. If you grew up listening to Linkin Park’s first two albums, The Hunting Party is almost the kind of album you would have expected from the band before their debut album, Hybrid Theory– it’s raw, with hints of electronica and rightly aggressive.”

Have you heard Linkin Park’s newest album? If you have, what did you think about it? Do you think Linkin Park deserves to top the charts for a fourth time, or should they step back and let another band have some glory for awhile? Let us know in the comments.