Rumored Marilyn Monroe Sex Tape Going Up For Auction

Sunday is a big day for Marilyn Monroe memorabilia collectors as a purported sex tape from the actress’ younger days is reportedly going to auction.

Some experts believe the female in the film is a Norma Jean lookalike but that hasn’t stopped collector Mikel Barsa from placing the film on the auction block for a hefty price tag of $500,000.

According to Barsa the six-minute black-and-white film shows the actress before her Hollywood breakout and was shot in either 1946 or 1947.

Nancy Carlson, a spokeswoman for the brand development and licensing company Authentic Brands Group spoke with about the tape and the legal ramifications that could potentially come with it, she notes:

“The seller would bear the responsibility of proving that it is Marilyn Monroe and if he cannot do that, he runs the risk of facing claims for perpetrating a fraud on the public.”

If the film is not proven to be legitimate it could also lead to legal action by the Monroe Estate which owns all rights to the actresses name, likeness, image and other personal items.

Barsa said regardless of legal action threats he will still sell the tape, explaining that he is not the owner of the film and is simply collecting a 10% royalty for helping sell the item. At this time Barsa is refusing to reveal the real owner of the alleged Marilyn Monroe sex tape, although if legal action is taken we should soon find out who has been holding onto the movie for all of these years.