Implantable Microchips Special Report By ABC Stir End Timer Views On 'Mark Of The Beast' [VIDEO]

Jan Omega

For most people, the concept of an implantable chip is either controversial or the next step of human progression. For many, they see the concept to the betterment of mankind, but for others, they see mankind's control and submission. For the latter, one group dubbed the End Timers -- or Watchmen -- see it as initial technology necessary for the "Mark of the Beast."

The idea that implantable chips could be used as technology for the "Mark of the Beast" has been talked about for many years. Many Evangelical teachers of End Times, such as Perry Stone and Jack Van Impe, have talked about how implantable chips may be used as such, primarily utilizing RFID and smartchip tech too. However, the belief that technology will be the primary backing for the "Mark of the Beast" has picked up thanks to articles by Now The End Begins and movies by Pure Flix such as The Mark. Despite this, news has arrived that suggests implantable chips are good for mankind, as proven by two separate reports from ABC News. The video on top of this article was recently uploaded on YouTube while the one below this paragraph was uploaded two years ago.

Nevertheless, the implantable chip stories seem to have some age to them. So why are they picking up traction as of late? It may be because of how the military is developing implantable chips to treat soldiers with PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), which we reported here on The Inquisitr. Maybe the military finds the chips a better option than the alternatives, being medical marijuana or pets. Still, it has caused the End Time online communities, including the Pre-Tribulation Rapture Forum, Grace Centered, Rapture Forums, and the Prophecy Forum to heavily discuss the "Mark of the Beast" as of late.

Because of this uptick in interest, another report was recently published on BREATHEcast that the desensitization leading to the "Mark of the Beast" will cause people to be willing to take it. The report included a study by Accenture in which they surveyed people in the United Kingdom, Australia, France, Germany, and the United States, revealing that 89 percent of citizens are willing to provide details, such as fingerprints, to speed up traveling for convenience. These new findings have the Watchmen believing this is all a huge plan to desensitize the population to accept the "Mark of the Beast" spoken in the Holy Bible. There is already RFID chips in cellular phones, credit cards, and other small electrical items we use on a daily basis that monitors personal information, financial accounts, and even a person's exact location.

Whether or not technology will be the primary core for the "Mark of the Beast," it has all the End Timers concerned, so much that there are numerous reports of people refusing to accept implantable chips and tattoos mandated by hospitals or schools. Even here on The Inquisitr, we have a report of a teenage girl refusing to accept a RFID tag because of she believed it was the "Mark of the Beast." If it was or not, I am assuming the girl thought it was better to be safe than sorry.

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