Hot Mugshot Guy Jeremy Meeks’ Manager Receives Death Threats

Jeremy Meeks. Remember that name. He will either be remembered as the “mugshot guy” felon, or as America’s next top model. Right now, it is a coin toss. Meeks sits in jail, which is not unfamiliar territory for him, while his mugshot has received thousands of “likes” on Facebook, per CNN News. This attention caught the eyes of three modeling agencies and four production companies wanting Meeks to star in his own reality TV show, per TMZ. Really? Here’s a dose of reality — He is a FELON!

With all the publicity Jeremy Meeks has been receiving since his backside landed behind bars, Meeks’ family was so overwhelmed that they had to hire a manager to oversee all his offers. So, who do they hire? None other than porn star Gina Rodriguez with GR Media. At least they are keeping the level of class relatively close to home. Rodriguez, porn star turned talent agent, represents other “circus-like” characters, according to Elite Daily, such as Octomom, Tan Mom, Farrah Abraham, and V. Stiviano. Yep, there’s a group to invite to a party.

Although Meeks has supporters, many of which are females who seem to only care about his chiseled face and blue eyes, overlooking the fact that he is a criminal, there are a few out there who oppose Meeks’ new found fame. In fact, CNN News reports that Meek’s agent, Rodriguez, filed a report with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department claiming she had received about thirty harassing phone calls, of which one included a death threat. The death threat apparently came from his gang, according to TMZ. Maybe they felt slighted and wanted their fifteen minutes of fame as well.

Amidst all the calamity, Rodriguez was able to get Meeks signed with a Los Angeles based agency, Blaze Modelz, who offered Meeks a $30,000 contract. Blaze Modelz admitted to TMZ that Jeremy Meeks could earn anywhere from $15,000 to $30,000 per month modeling. Guess what, folks? First you’ve got to get his butt out of the slammer. And with a $1.1 million bail, that won’t be easy. Maybe his gang could sell off some of their weapons as a fund-raiser.

As Meeks is glorified for his masculine, sexy good looks, let’s not forget there is a man behind that pretty face. A man with a criminal record. For all those women who are fawning over Meeks, let’s recap his charges, shall we? Jeremy Meeks sits in the San Joaquin County jail for several charges after he was pulled over by authorities during a gang sweep, according to the District Attorney’s Office as reported by CNN News.

The prosecutor’s office released this statement: “A search of the passenger compartment yielded a 9mm round of ammunition and a small amount of what is believed to be marijuana. A search of the trunk located an unregistered and loaded 45 caliber semiautomatic handgun along with two extended magazines.”

Jeremy Meeks’ priors include resisting arrest and admitting he has ties to the Crips gang. Meeks also spent two years in prison back in 2002 for a “grand theft conviction,” as reported by CNN News.

Rodriguez shows her level of intelligence as she admits to Fox 411, “I’m not exactly sure why the bail is so much money. That’s what we’re trying to figure now. We’re trying to secure him some of these deals so that when he gets out, it can change his life, literally.” Has she actually seen the same rap sheet that we have?

According to Elite Daily, Tai Bogan, Meeks’ lawyer, is concerned with all the hubbub surrounding Meeks’ picture floating around the internet ahead of his court date, and the fact that he’s “in handcuffs and prison garb.” So, Bogan is actually going to hire designers to dress Meeks for his court case.

Meeks’ agent, Rodriguez takes charge and reveals that “the modeling management we are working with has a stylist who was going to dress Jeremy in a Tom Ford suit.” Is this for real? Is this seriously an issue? Should they consider also hiring a crew to come in and build a runway, install flashing lights, hire a DJ to play “Turn Down For What” and let Jeremy Meeks strut his stuff to the stand?

Regardless, Meeks will have his swooning fans that will undoubtedly support him. CNN News shared two Facebook posts in which one female fan posted,”… too handsome to be in the jail omg!!!”

While another posted, “I want to marry Jeremy and have all his babies. Seeing this picture brightened my day. When I’m feeling sad, alone and hopeless, I gaze into those dreamy blue eyes and all my fears go away.”

Jeremy Meeks is not the first felon to have found fame due to his criminal behavior. It was very similar with rapper Chief Keef who was discovered when he made a video that went viral while at home on house arrest. Now Chief Keef has a record deal and is making money, regardless of his criminal charges. Sometimes reality is just so much more interesting than fiction.

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