‘Evolve’ Game Wins Several E3 Accolades, And It Deserves Them

The Evolve game from Turtle Rock Studios was one of the most original games we’ve seen so far on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and even the critics at E3 2014 liked it. The game won several accolades across the board.

Why does it seems like such an amazing game? It’s one of the few that’s actually trying something different without borrowing elements from a collection of other bestsellers. Destiny is basically a multiplayer co-op version of Halo. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare borrows from so many other games it’s ironic after everything else was called a “Call of Duty clone.” Ubisoft played it safe and simply promised sequels they knew we might want without changing much of anything. There were so many sequels and spinoffs that something original simply stood out above the rest.

2K Games and Turtle Rock made the Evolve game a multiplayer co-op game, and simultaneously competitive. It pits four characters of up to eight varieties up against a hulking monster played by a fifth. The monster has to try to survive by hunting lesser creatures, while being hunted by a team of fighters and such also trying to survive. The concept is so simple, but it’s not something we’ve ever seen before.

Some critics have called it a variation on Left 4 Dead, but the zombie shooter doesn’t give you a massive zombie and have you trying to avoid or kill the humans as you attempt to survive as long as possible.

Evolve won the following accolades after its showing at the Electronic Entertainment Expo:

  • Best of Show
  • Best Console Game
  • Best Action Game
  • Best Online Multiplayer

The Evolve game only had one rival at the show, which is impressive for a first person shooter. The flight simulator No Man’s Sky took three other categories, including Best Original Game. In the end, critics had to agree that the Evolve gameplay is what will keep console gamers coming back for more.

[image via gamespot]